Our Organization

Unique Places to Save was founded to move beyond barriers to addressing unmet needs in the fields of natural and cultural heritage, farming, community and technology. We do this by being: Entrepreneurial in generating quick, effective, creative solutions to meet identified needs; Technology-driven to find new applications to both simple and complex land and resource challenges; Focused on investments of social and financial capital in farms, parks, trails monuments, and historic structures; Comprehensive in building networks of partners that can be tailored for each project; Willing to listen to those we work with to better understand challenges and opportunities; Design awareness through creative solutions that meet identified needs, and we are enthusiastic about projects at a variety of scales, from community gardens to regional greenway designs.





Board of Directors

Louis Caditz-Peck – Berkley, CA
Small Business Lending, Lending Club

Adriel Lubarsky - Durham, NC
Director of ROMR Experience, ROMR

Joshua Setzer – Durham, NC
CEO, Lucid Dream

Erik Lensch – Chapel Hill, NC
Board Chair
Managing Partner, Leyline Renewable Energy LLC

Mason Williams – Raleigh, NC
Realtor, Williams Property Group

Benjamin Quinn – Durham, NC
FarmBlue Ventures