East West Organics

A progressive farm-based company that focuses on ecological farming, bringing food and family to elevated community assets. UP2Save became a partner in East West Organics for the thrill of co-owning a farm-based company leading the way with Farm-to-Beverage production and agritourism; the opportunity to join with investors who’s values and vision we share; and the challenge of developing education programs that reconnect people to the cycle of life that supports a healthy food system.

Honeysuckle Tea House & Farm

Honeysuckle is an open air tea house commonly known as the “tree house in the sky;” a place to relax and recharge. We are so proud to be partners in one of the coolest ecological farms we’ve ever seen. More antioxidant-laden berries than you can shake a stick at, tons of herbs and flowers, happy bees, and other pollinators to keep the production going AND you can taste them right there in the products they serve on-site.

Bee Downtown

Bee Downtown is one of the most visionary apiary companies you will ever meet. We love their collaborative business model so much that we host their humming hives at two locations: the Keith Arboretum hives produce what has to be some of the world’s most diverse honey; the Honeysuckle Farm hives keep those berries and herbs thriving!

Looking Glass Cafe & Honeysuckle Meadery and Wine Bar

A truly unique coffee house owned by East West Organics in partnership with UP2Save working to fulfill part of our mission of integrating farms and community through locally grown products, creating a collaborative which connects people directly to Honeysuckle Farm and other local farms through a growing list of Farm-to-Beverage meads, fruit wines, ciders, beers. This is what a thriving local beverage system looks like. And we’ve created a mini herb farm and beehive right on site.


A company that wants to keep the local vibe alive. LOLO stands for “Loyal Locals.” Community members who take pride in supporting local community spaces over the big chains. They connect consumers, merchants, and businesses in the communities to encourage collaboration. This is the kind of triple-bottom-line business we can get behind. Spend money with local businesses on your credit card, build up points for free stuff. Keep your money where it does the most good – in your community. Go LoLo!


Another triple-bottom-line business we believe in. ROMR is like Air B-n-B for outdoor recreation. As a conservation landowner, we are glad to work with ROMR to manage access to hiking trails, camping sites, events. This is a user-friendly platform that naturally attracts the type of folks who care about the land we care for, and helps them to support that care.

Piedmont Conservation Council

If you want to see what affordable land access looks like for beginning farmers, head on over to Good Hope Farm in Cary, where PCC is allowing farm-based businesses to thrive as part of the local food system. We are looking for ways to replicate the PCC model in other places where it is needed.

City of Mebane

When the City of Mebane decided to call itself “A City within a Park”, we asked “how can we help?” UP2Save is proud to be a design/planning partner on 54-acres of city land which could set the standard for a nature/community agriculture park where the NC Triangle and Triad meet.