Community of San Clemente

Community of San Clemente

La Asociacion de la Comunidad de San Clemente (Community Association of San Clemente) are working to preserve their lands while maintaining productivity and restoring the natural and cultural resources of the area.

The San Clemente project area includes a 75-square mile area west of the Village of Los Lunas in New Mexico. Historically, it was part of two land grants; the San Clemente land grant and the Nicolas Duran de Chavez land grant. Both land grants were subdivided and sold in 10-acre parcels in the mid-1930s. Today, it is home to a sparse population of residents, and the vast majority of the land is undeveloped. Ecologically, the land is desertifying at a rapid rate– a result of historical overgrazing followed by decades of rest. A 15-mile reach of the lower Rio Puerco marks the western boundaries of San Clemente project area and the Belen land grant composes its southern boundary.

The Community is developing a Strategic Conservation Plan for the San Clemente project area with the goal of providing a path to place as much of the San Clemente lands into community ownership or permanent conservation as possible and to manage the lands for ecological health, economic return and community sustainability. Much work has been completed to date by the La Asociacion de la Comunidad de San Clemente to engage the local residents as well as the 1,400+ landowners in the San Clemente area. We are supporting past efforts in addition to providing new ideas and concepts for consideration by The Community as part of their comprehensive strategic conservation plan.

In San Clemente, we want to maintain and build upon the natural and multicultural history that preceded us on this land.

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