A New Approach To Land Conservation

As the world changes, so must our approach to conserving its unique places 

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We believe that water is the source of all life. We focus on more than merely conserving land, we ensure that its aquatic resources are highly functioning. 

Unique Places to Save was founded to address unmet needs in the land and natural resource conservation space. By leveraging our entrepreneurial mindset and fostering a culture of innovation, we strive to bring forth creative solutions to safeguard these unique places that bring agricultural, ecological, and natural value.

Our fiscal resources and stewardship acumen make us one of the premier partners for conservation and mitigation projects in North America.


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Unique Places to Save is a group of entrepreneurs who share a passion for nature. Our board of directors is comprised of business owners and individuals who think outside the box. They have experience across various industries from real estate development to software startups. As CEO, I bring my 17 years of experience from tech start-ups. I’ve learned that the foundation for a healthy organization lies in building a culture that can sustain growth in perpetuity. That coupled with a focus on people (our team, our clients, our partners, and our vendors) leads to long-lasting relationships with everyone we interact with.

Nature is one of the greatest gifts the world has to offer and our shared passion for it by everyone in our organization is what fuels our drive to push forward through uncertainty and challenges.

Here at Unique Places to Save we are playing our part in preserving these unique and natural places for generations to come. Having clean water and highly functioning wetlands is not only beneficial to the human population but also critical for the plants, animals and insects that comprise a healthy ecosystem. Everything is interconnected and we must work together to find alignment between our needs as the human species as well as the needs of all other forms of life.

As the world changes, so must we. Entrepreneurship is on the rise because complex problems can no longer be solved through the status quo. We must bring innovative ideas and approaches to the conservation challenges facing us today. We are deeply proud of what we have accomplished over the last 10 years and feel that we’re only getting started. We invite you to join our journey by following along with our updates and getting involved in projects that resonate.

Together, we can restore and conserve more of the unique places in our great country.



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Our Stewardship

Current Stewardship Fund


Stewardship of conservation easements, endowment funds and long-term management responsibilities are the foundation of our work.

We take our stewardship responsibilities seriously and have the necessary resources, technology, knowledge, expertise and funds available to properly steward our responsibilities.

In addition to our stewardship fund, we have a robust system of policies and expertise to steward our conservation easements, endowment funds and long-term management responsibilities:

Endowment Investment Policy
Conservation Easement Amendment Policy
Pre-Closeout Monitoring Schedule for Mitigation Easements
Template Monitoring Forms and Baseline Documentation
Conservation Easement Violation Policy
Stewardship Monitoring Procedures and Guidelines
Secure, Consistent & Accurate Recordkeeping
Geospatial Inventory of All Conservation Easements

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Our Partners

Unique Places to Save partners with landowners, mitigation companies, municipalities, investors and other non-profit entities. Partnerships and collaboration are critical to the success of our mitigation and conservation goals.

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