Unique Places To Save is an entrepreneurial non-profit organization providing progressive conservation and natural resource solutions for communities and landowners.

We Increase Capacity

Financial investments, as well as time and energy, are crucial to protecting what is valuable. We help landowners and conservation organizations raise funds and resources to increase their capacity and effectiveness.

We Build Strategies

Knowing what to prioritize and focus on can be complicated in land and resource management. We work with landowners, organizations, agencies and other partners to plan, coordinate and create strategies for these efforts.

We Share Stories

Navigating online technologies and messaging can be overwhelming. With expertise in building and sharing stories we can communicate what matters most.

We Conserve & Protect

Conservation and restoration can revive the past and simultaneously protect the future. Our goal is to help conserve and protect the most unique places in the world. We can accomplish this through assistance or direct involvement.
We solve both simple and complex land and resource issues with creative solutions, comprehensive networks, savvy use of technology and in-depth project understanding.

In The News...

Satellite-based forest mapping platform hits its stride

July 7, 2015 Global Forest Watch, a young online forest monitoring and alert system, provides free, near real-time data on deforestation and tree-cover loss around the world. It allows users to create... Read More

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