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Sam Warnock | Aquatic Resources Manager


samuel warnockSam is dedicated to managing and protecting our aquatic resources, bringing over seven years of expertise in environmental consulting and project management.

Sam's professional journey includes a four-year term as a Project Manager at TRC Environmental in North Carolina. There, he expertly handled environmental permitting, project management, environmental chemistry, and compiling emission inventories, all while ensuring compliance with US EPA regulations.

Before his tenure at TRC, Sam worked in the field with SWCA Environmental Consultants in Utah, assisting with Environmental Impact Assessments and managing data for biological and archaeological surveys. As an Environmental Scientist at AECOM in Morrisville, NC, he collected environmental data, performed chemical analyses, and provided expertise on pollution control technologies.

Sam's academic path took him from North Carolina State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management, to the University of Edinburgh, where he obtained a Master of Science in Ecological Economics. Along the way, he gained expertise in natural capital and ecosystem services valuation, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), stakeholder engagement, and sustainable development.

His diverse experiences include serving in the United States Marine Corps, inspiring young minds as a marine science instructor in the Florida Keys, and assisting with population research on marine mammals and sharks around the coasts of southern Africa.

Sam’s dedication to environmental sustainability, combined with his pragmatic approach to project management and stakeholder relations, makes him an invaluable asset to our team and the broader conservation community. Born and raised in the sandhills of North Carolina, he has witnessed firsthand the shifts from natural landscapes to urban developments. His ultimate aim is to protect and enhance the unique ecosystems of the Southeast, ensuring that nature’s benefits continue to sustain and be enjoyed by communities for generations to come.

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