box springs wilderness land conservation in north carolina

Box Creek Wilderness Land Preservation


Unique Places To Save Provided Online Technology to Help Prevent a Power Line Over One of the Largest Natural Heritage Areas in North Carolina

Unique Places To Save conducted an online outreach and education campaign in coordination with our valued partner, Unique Places LLC, to help educate the public about the re-routing of a high-voltage power line that was proposed by Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation to run through the 7,000 acre Box Creek Wilderness Natural Heritage area in western North Carolina. From our online and technological efforts, we garnered nearly 2,000 signatures in support of our efforts to stop the high voltage power line.

If developed as first proposed by the power company, the power line would have destroyed more than two miles of intact and exceptionally-diverse forest, and would have significant fragmentation in an important wildlife corridor between the South Mountains and Blue Ridge Escarpment (see here for award winning South Mountains to Blue Ridge Corridor Map Atlas completed by Unique Places GIS & Design).


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